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The Events Guru is an elite team of event planners, visionaries, and memory-makers specializing in event production and destination management.
“With over 15 years of experience in the event planning industry.”

With over 15 years of experience in the event planning industry, we have learned that the secret to a great event is having everyone on the same page and working together to create the perfect event(s) for you. Everyone that we work with to create your event is part of the team, has experience working with one another, knows our event process, and will come to your event(s) with the necessary experience and positive attitude to go above and beyond to fulfill their role, thus creating “The Synergy” of your flawless event(s).

We want to dream big with you and turn these dreams into reality. Our goal is that everything, from the planning process to the production of the event(s), is a stress-free and positive experience that goes exactly as planned. We understand the emotions behind event planning and the decisions that you need to make. Our job is to help you separate the emotions from the facts. We also understand the very realistic world of event planning, from there being too much information or there being just not enough information. We are here to help you find the perfect balance with only the “right” Here at The Events Guru, we pride ourselves on creating history one event at a time. We are people, creators, and your new best friends. Thank you for allowing us to share these memories with you and creating an experience that is one in which you don’t just enjoy, but is unique to you and is one you will remember and cherish forever.

New Jersey based and traveling all year round. See you soon!

Weddings are a day brides and grooms dream about. Over the years, we have learned that for brides and grooms, wedding planning can be stressful - from there being too much information available, to there being a lack of clear information and confusion over where to even start wedding planning. Weddings are something that most of the time only happen once in your lifetime. You most likely have never planned a wedding before, but luckily, we have. We are here to educate you to make the right decisions the first time around.
Through our individually crafted wedding planning programs, we aim to bring you the right amount of information to plan the wedding of your dreams. We want your whole wedding planning process to be one that is stress-free, special, and memorable for you, your friends, and your family that will last a lifetime.


Yearly events such as Galas, Fundraisers, Seminars, and team building workshops can begin to feel monotonous over the years. We understand that your brand and your team are the most important aspect of any event. With that knowledge, we make sure to always prioritize your company’s mission, keeping in mind the goal of your attendees walking away with a clearer vision, which will foster an atmosphere of building and growth. Creativity coupled with a passion for “being different” allows us to truly reinvigorate your company culture. After working with some of our preferred corporate clients such as Toys “R” Us, Amazon, & American Cancer Society, we know what it takes to create a world-class experience. Will you allow us to create yours?


From Fashions shows to in store pop us we understand the world of fashion ! We work with artists, creatives, and people who have a desire to express what is in there minds. We know that planning an event can take away from your creative process so we are here to help. With proven formulated plans we are capable to create an atmosphere where you can showcase your work to the world. We know sometimes the timeline is tight, rest assured here at The Events Guru we always deliver !

We know that for our teens, friends and reputation are everything! You want to be the “cool” kid in school. Your goals are our goals - that your friends “get lit,” that your event is on the cutting edge of what is new, and that your event is the talk of the school. Through social media, such as SnapChat filters, we extend the reach of your event beyond your social group and make sure that “it’s poppin’” for the world to see. We adapt and innovate to what is new and cool, which we know changes every day; We bring the modern, hip-hop, Jersey club, and EDM to create you “The Event.” #WeDoItForTheGram



In our “Discovery Phase”  we ask high-level questions in order to truly get to know who you are and what is important to you. No two “Discovery Phases” are the same - there is no mold or template, this is not “just another event,” it is “your event.” Our goal during this phase is to deeply understand what your visions, dreams, desires, needs, and wants are for your particular event(s). During this phase, we hope to not only inspire you to dream big, but to also establish a creative, positive, and comfortable relationship with us. Together, as a team with you, we will create a detailed action plan and work to exceed all your expectations. Remember this, “There is nothing you could possibly envision, that we cannot create for you.”



Facilitating the hosting, planning, and production of your event(s) is just part of what we do. We bring a higher level of action and results by getting to know who you are and creating a personal relationship with you during the Discovery Phase. We then use this knowledge to become a team with you and then take your vision and embrace it as our own.
We have created a large network of high level professionals and vendors in order to meet all of your needs and create an analyzed plan catered specifically to you. With the unique team relationship we create with you during the “Discovery Phase”, you will trust that we will utilize our vast network in order to create you a plan that is unlike any other; one that is unique to you and your event(s). There will be no worrying, guessing, or questioning; you will know and trust that will we go to any extent to make your visions a reality.
One of the best kept secrets behind an amazing event is having everyone on the team “speaking the same language,” and when that happens, magic happens.


Perform & Over Deliver 

Lastly, we take the final reigns and produce the plans down to every last meticulous detail to ensure that your event(s) is everything you envisioned and more. Each individual producing your event is a master of their craft and has been thoroughly vetted to be the perfect person for the team. We hand pick the talent and personalities working every aspect of your event(s) so they match who you are, your style, and your vision. You are all that matters on that day, and we want you to feel excited, relaxed, and ready for some fun surprises as we finish “creating history” with you by producing an event(s) that will be remembered for a lifetime.


We don’t just love creating events, we love creating masterpieces with you.
Discovery + Synergy + Perform & Over Deliver = TRUST


  • Review 1

    I can't even begin to say how amazing Fernando is ... my wedding was an absolute dream come true and he was such a big part of it .. my reception was beyond amazing ! He had literally everybody on the dance floor the whole night ! Even my older family members who never dance .. he danced with

    - Holly Frazer
  • Review 2

    We were able to book it with phong lai. Couldn't be more impressed with the results, he has a very unique style and a great eye for creating or enabling genuine moments of blissful sighs by capturing the perfect candid shots. He made us feel at ease and talked us through the itinerary so we c

    - Cerille Avetria
  • Review 3

    I have worked with Phong as a photographer and videographer for many years in my role as a college administrator and now as a vocalist in a wedding band. Both Phong and David are the first people we call whenever we have events or new initiatives we'd like to highlight at our institution. You

    - Kristie Damell
  • Review 4

    If you are reading this review and have not already booked Fernando then what are you waiting for??!! With the utmost energy, excitement and professionalism, Fernando made our wedding day the BEST DAY EVER. Our family & friends absolutely loved the way he commanded the show and had us all dan

    - Lindsay K

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