Yearly events such as Galas, Fundraisers, Seminars, and team building workshops can begin to feel monotonous over the years. We understand that your brand and your team are the most important aspect of any event. With that knowledge, we make sure to always prioritize your company’s mission, keeping in mind that the goal is to have your attendees walking away with a clearer vision that fosters an atmosphere of building and growth. Creativity coupled with a passion for “being different” allows us to truly reinvigorate your company culture. After working with some of our preferred corporate clients such as Toys “R” Us, Amazon, & American Cancer Society, we know what it takes to create a world-class experience. Will you allow us to create yours?


Corporate events are unique in the fact that these are business events and there are business goals in mind. We know that there is a hierarchy of people working to plan these events. There is a decision-making process on the corporate side that goes into every event detail. We are there to work with the entire chain of command and that process, hearing all opinions and visions. We work with your timelines and plan your event to your specifications so that there are zero flaws. Finally, we know that your brand is important to you. It is important to us, as well. We will share that brand in new ways, from merchandise, to swag, to showcasing through live-streaming. Your goal is to have an event where everyone walks away loving your brand, loving your company; feeling grateful, respected, and excited!


  • Working with Fernando and the Events Guru team was a fantastic experience. Fernando hosted a charitable event and made all our guests feel welcome and be fully dipped into a fun state! The production was of high quality and Fernando hosting made the event so much fun. He was lively and made the l

    Monica Adams

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