We don’t just create once in a lifetime events for you to experience, we also help you preserve those moments and memories through the photography you will always have to look back on. From the time you wake up on your wedding day to the after party, our photographers are “With you from the first hello, to last goodbye.” We don’t just photograph the event, we photograph everything that comes with your event, the whole day in its entirety, and even the events leading up to the big day, such as engagement sessions.

As with all of our services, the photography team is part of your hand-picked team. We will spend time with you getting to know you, creating a relationship, a friendship, creating synergy, and creating trust, just as you will do with your planning team. Your photography team will be a huge part of some of the most intimate parts of your day. Your photographer will help create the vibe and energy of that day, and in order to do so, we want you and everyone else involved in your event to feel comfortable with us and trust that our photography will enhance every aspect this momentous occasion. We are there to know and be a part of your world on your special day.

Each and every member of our photography team is hand-picked from the best of the best; we love what we do, we love being part of your once in a lifetime event, and we love getting the perfect shots at all times. Your event is not just another day we are photographing, it is your day, and we are there to portray the magic of that day through our relationship with you and your photos; we want you to not just love your photos, but to look back and remember the experience with your photographer as well.







Weddings are the most passionate events in a person’s life. As a photographer, my focus is to capture and preserve that passion for a lifetime. When photographing weddings, it is all about the bride and groom, and I strive to make their wedding photography a personal experience from the first meeting to the final send off after the reception.

When thinking back on all the weddings I have shot, one in particular stands out. It was not an ideal weather, or photography, day in March, but that is not something that was going to stop me from getting the perfect shots. I knew the bride and groom would be disappointed about the cold and windy weather on their wedding day, but I also knew that an amazing experience that day and perfect photography would make up for the gloomy weather, so I had to over deliver on both. In her review after the wedding, this particular bride wrote, “The weather was a little rainy, cold, and windy (not ideal), but David's energy and excitement was contagious to us and the whole bridal party! (...) The wedding would have been a completely different experience with a different photographer.”

On top of the weather hurdle, I was also photographing this wedding in Brooklyn, New York; this was not somewhere I had experience photographing, but also was something that was not going to keep me from capturing amazing photos. I went to the area before I was scheduled to arrive and begin shooting, this way I could scope out the scenes and plan out the perfect photographs for my bride and groom. Once the day began, we did not miss a single beat. We followed the plan and captured some of the most amazing wedding photos that this bride and groom now have for a lifetime, and as the bride later said to me, “The wedding comes back to life when we look at your amazing pictures!”

Every wedding I shoot is unique in the situations it presents, but the goal is always the same, to provide the bride and groom with an experience and photography they will look back on fondly. -David


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    I have worked with Phong as a photographer and videographer for many years in my role as a college administrator and now as a vocalist in a wedding band. Both Phong and David are the first people we call whenever we have events or new initiatives we'd like to highlight at our institution. You

    Kristie Damell

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