Everything we do, is with you in mind. Your Vision comes first - You deserve that.

The Events Guru is an elite team of event planners, visionaries, and memory-makers specializing in event production and destination management.
“We know what it feels like to be in your shoes, we’ve been there.”
With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we have learned that the secret to a great event is having everyone on the same page and working together to create the perfect event(s) for you. Everyone that we work with to create your event is part of the team, has experience working with one another, knows our event process, and will come to your event(s) with the necessary experience and positive attitude to go above and beyond to fulfill their role, thus creating “The Synergy” of your flawless event(s).
We want to dream big with you and turn these dreams into reality. Our goal is that everything, from the planning process to the production of the event(s), is a stress-free and positive experience that goes exactly as planned. We understand the emotions behind event planning and the decisions that you need to make. Our job is to help you separate the emotions from the facts. We also understand the very realistic world of event planning, from there being too much information or there being just not enough information. We are here to help you find the perfect balance with only the “right” information that you need to plan your event, and so that you are confident that you have built the perfect team!
Here at The Events Guru, we pride ourselves on creating history one event at a time. We are people, creators, and your new best friends. Thank you for allowing us to share these memories with you and creating an experience that is one in which you don’t just enjoy, but is unique to you and is one you will remember and cherish forever. New Jersey based and traveling all year round. See you soon!



I trust Fernando because I see the passion he has for what he does. His work is done through love, patience, and understanding.

 - Summer

Making people happy is our passion. We love getting to be part of some of the most memorable days in a person's life.

With humble beginnings fifteen years ago, we have watched the event industry change and grow over the years. We have been involved in all areas of the industry and have learned that events are not “one size fits all.” From the introduction of new technology, we once used CDs, to all of the state of the art virtual reality technology being used today, we have seen that innovation and creativity is a must to produce the best events.

While the incorporation of enhancements and technology into events has become the thing to do today, the one thing that has stood the test of time is the value of client service. Here at The Events Guru we pride ourselves on being the best client service you can find within the event industry. We believe in people first, everything else second. We understand all of the emotions involved in event planning - the good, the bad, and the ugly. The truth is this, we have seen too many times where people have invested so much to create a spectacular event, and then in the end, they do not enjoy themselves that day because of the stress of producing that spectacular event. We know that history is made in the moments experienced; what we do best is creating those moments for you, so that you can focus on what matters most, experiencing your event of a lifetime.

The secret behind our success and longevity in this industry is that we are different. We focus on you, the clients, and our relationship with you, the most important person in the room. We guide you through every step of the event planning and production process in order to create world class events, one event at a time. We take the “depersonalization” out of events; we do not create events based on the standard event “mold.” Instead, we follow a unique process that we’ve created to bring you the perfect event for who you are. We bring you the best of the best in the events production industry. We are a hub of talent; we have handpicked our team to be comprised of the absolute best, and will handpick your team to perfectly fit your event and will be one of synergy and trust.

We go to such great lengths to be different, to be a disruptor in the industry norm, because we have seen the value in the relationships we have built with our clients and with our vendors over the years. We know that creativity coupled with personality and passion is the perfect combination for relationships that will last a lifetime. We love to share in the moments and smiles that will last a lifetime for you. We do not just produce an event for you, we create a history and leave behind a legacy after your event.

“It's hard to even know where to start about Fernando. He truly is a person who you meet once in a lifetime, and they leave a lasting impression.” Kyra


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    It's hard to even know where to start about Fernando. He truly is a person who you meet once in a lifetime, and they leave a lasting impression. I first met Fernando back in January 2013 when I was planning my wedding. His energy, charisma, and passion was contagious. I knew upon first meetin


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